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Dear Diary,

I cry. At every slight thing. Or news. That was why I deleted Twitter. I don’t like the bad things that are happening, and I can’t help but deny my connection to you, Nigeria.

You see, I never realized my connection to you would ever be this strong and God would make me fall in love with you, but alas.

I’m now an activist and I believe things will get better.  If you tell me we are going to protest for Nigeria both physically and spiritually, count me in. I do not believe in silence, because it is the silence of the older generation that has built a strange Nigeria.

Just recently, when Tomi Arayomi of RIG Nation announced that he is returning to Nigeria, I jumped in excitement. And I started laughing at myself because I am in the US, and I would not be in direct contact with him. But I realized I was more excited that the army was rising for a new Nigeria, and everyone was getting ready to take their place. ‘For they will be the generation that calls upon my justice to reign. Out of their mouths shall rivers of cleansing pour into the nation and make everyone whole’

I know everyone is packing their bags to leave, but I’m doing a tour around the world with Nigeria as my final base and destination.

I believe Nigeria is in her birth pangs, and this is the end of her barren season. She is getting ready to stand up and stand tall in purple linen with her crown on her head. It is the ending of the end, and the beginning of the beginning.

Imagine, if everyone actually just took their place and did not cower or bow down. It is like all the villagers are locking their hands and protecting her from harm. We will not get weary, because we are all united in playing our roles. For real, I just want everyone to make Nigeria their duduke, stop whining, pick out a pen and paper to define their roles to her, and then take their place.



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