Dance in the airport.

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There will be times when life hits you, more than you expected. 

Especially, when you thought you were in God’s plans, and it was all figured out. 

And Kaboom, you’re crying because you have reached a crossroad and you do not know what decision to make. 

It feels like you were about to enter the door of promise, and now you must take four steps back, because the key fell and rolled away.

But it’s okay. You are not alone.

It’s perfectly normal to have layovers in the journey.

Choose to embrace and enjoy it. 

Such is life. It sometimes doesn’t make sense.

Dance amid chaos and choose to learn peace and joy.

Be free to bask in what the airport looks like.

Luxurious pampering. 

Walk around and window shop.

Change your perspective.

Say hello to a stranger and make new friends.

Share your box of cookies with someone, it doesn’t matter if they get the last piece.




Be happy.

Moping never moved things.

Don’t beat yourself down.

Or yell at yourself, for what you could have done better. 

Just let go and reflect.

And do not be afraid, when it is time to move.

When it is time to catch your next flight, don’t hesitate, because you think you would not make it.

You would.

You are good enough.

You are made for this.

Life won’t tear you down.


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