Journal entry

Give me Jesus.

Break me and search my heart. 

Try me with your fire, and everything that is not you, take it. 

Take all of me. You can have my everything. Prune me oh God till I bear much fruit.

Take me through the refiner’s fire and purify me.

I just want you. I am desperate for more of you. Nothing in this world would satisfy me. 

Only you.

Until my only gaze and thought is you, Spirit keep brooding over me till I look just like you. 

Till I sound just like you.

Do whatever you want to do with me. Come and have your way in me. Change whatever you want to change.

My heart is an open space oh God.

Come into my heart

Come into my life

My heart is open. It’s an open space oh God. 

I need you

I need your presence to be with me

I want to walk and talk with you

I want to be your friend

I want to know your love

I want to go deeper in this love 

My heart’s desire is you

I want to see you manifest in my life

I want to walk this walk with you

Align me with you. Set my life in order for you

God, I want to know you.

Are you willing to go deeper, Naomi?


Yes, I am willing to pay the price to know you. To burn for you. To host your presence. I am willing to let go of everything.

I have put this fire in you, because I want you to seek for more. I don’t want and need complacency for you. There is always more.

Seek for more, with all of you. Desire me, want me, chase me. They are the ones that truly are passionate about this. Let your heart say what your mouth says. Naomi, I see you. Keep seeking.

  • God

How long do I keep seeking?

Till I say you are fit for more. Amid seeking, you strip the old. You let go of the things you accumulated in the old season. You need to strip and be empty. You arrive at the destination without any baggage. So, my boo, you just started seeking. You still have baggage, drop them.


God, please any baggage that I need to drop, prune me till I let go. Empty me oh God. Search my heart till every corner is pure and full of light. 

I refuse to be complacent. I refuse to be on a plateau.

I will go deeper in this walk. I will grow. I will bring forth your light and holiness. Set my heart on things above. I want to radiate your glory. 

Only you in my life/ come in, come in.

Take off the load. Take off the baggage. Make me empty. Strip me oh God. Take all of me. Take my pride. Take Naomi

You can have my everything. 

Take my ego. Take my reputation.

Take offense. Take lust

Take everything that is not of you.

Everything that is not of you.

Everything I am still holding on to.

I let it go. 

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