Let us as we have gathered here today to hear the word, define cancel culture. 

Cancel culture is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles, whether it be online or in person. It is commonly used in debates on free speech and censorship.

So, on Beyonce’s internet, we appoint ourselves the arbiters of right and wrong, and we get to dole out punishment. 

Why do we think that we get to sit in our houses and tell people they don’t have sense because they don’t agree with you?

Let me give an instance. 

I put out a tweet some years ago, about women seeing the scum signs in men, and still choosing to go on. I still stand by my word, even though I agree that scum is not written on the forehead. But let’s not lie, and tell ourselves the truth, if we look closely, we will see the signs, and I believe it applies to both men and women. 

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Now, this tweet made people drag me. I had females threatening me and calling me a pick me. Like I would put that out because I wanted a man to choose me. First, have you met me? I don’t like stress, so if I’m about to be looking for men on the internet, it’s not problematic men also kiking to my tweet because they are semi-scum also. 

I’m not fighting for you scum men, I’m just saying females should sharpen their radars and discernment. 

But back to our word for today, we choose to cancel people because they do not agree with us. First, if it’s just opinions you are popping, why is yours more superior in the opinion wars?

There is nothing wrong in opposing me or disagreeing with me, even when you are right, and I am wrong. I do not claim to know all, and I am willing to read and know more. But why can’t you be willing to be empathetic towards my wrong? How has cancelling me ever made me know right? Do you understand what it means to disagree to agree, abi agree to disagree? Anyone you choose is fine, my dear. Besides, I find it hilarious that people only cancel people they don’t gravitate towards, and when their faves say the same things, they kiki to it. 

I think the funniest ones are the ones that say read up. Lmao as per, I should read until my views become your views. Sorry ooh, since we didn’t get the memo, you are Jesus. I will read my Bible because I want his views to become my views. Have you ever asked yourself to read up on the other views?

Or the stance that people cannot grow out of their problematic selves. You dig up statements from 2010, and say this you? Talmbout the internet never forgets. 

No, it’s not me. Your head is paining you. Yes I said it, because you think the me from 2010 is the same me in 2021. Make it make sense please. Why do you put people on a pedestal of perfection and not expect them to make mistakes, as per they know it all? Like, their parents injected them with supernatural knowledge from heaven when they gave birth to them. 

Well flash news, I unlearned, I learned, I changed, I evolved and I relearned.  Is that not what life is about? That I grow and develop sense over the years.

You see, so many people think they have emotional intelligence. Let me explain to you what it means in layman terms, so you can rate yourself. I’m also rating myself. 

Emotional intelligence is knowing and acknowledging someone does not have sense in your perspective but choosing to understand why the person does not have sense and treating the person in the same manner you would treat someone that has sense. As per you allow these traits (love, joy, peace, goodness, faith, kindness, patience, gentleness, self-control) be evident in how you treat this person. Simple. Now check and see if that’s how you live. 

And Christians, I’m dragging you today. Why do you think it makes sense to add darkness to darkness?

Because the light you wanted to shine so much by fighting and sewing threads on Twitter and telling them they have no sense has become more darkness.

Why do you scrunch up your face at people that you imagine do not look or sound like you, because they have tattoos, piercings etc.? Why do you think you are better than other people, because you go to church?

Why don’t you learn how to light candles in people’s darkness, and see the difference?

Why do you want to dole out a set of rules to people that do not understand, when you are an epitome of bad behavior? The hypocrisy is smelling. 

Please do not let religion kill you. Find Jesus and relationship. I’m begging you.

Also, did you not learn how to forgive? I know the person is a goat, and the person hurt and offended you and Jesus Christ together.  I think it’s unfair that we reduce people to their lowest point where they made one mistake. Peter cussed and denied Jesus, even as he was his gangster ride or die. And some epistles later, he was filled with boldness and making the power of the Holy Spirit known. He was the foundation of the Church. 

But if God loves you, and keeps coming back to rub your head every time you don’t choose him and make mistakes, how much more them? God doesn’t dislike you based on what he knows about you. 

I end this word with this. Go forth and see people with the eyes of God. 

Thank you for attending today’s word. 

Love and Light, 

See you always, 


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