MEMOIRS TO THE CHURCH II– Surrender to Surrender

I had a dream recently, as Nae the Daniela. But this was a dream in a dream. Apparently, it was a double packed message dream, but your girl initially thought it was because Jesus popped up. Thank God for Joseph and Daniels group, helping my dream life one step at a time. 

In a forest like situation, I saw Jesus. And someone else. Like his assistant. There was a group of people in a circle, and a sword or knife embedded in the stomp of a tree in the middle of the circle. The sharp side of the knife was facing up. And my guy, Jesus was calling on or asking them to choose him. If you choose him, you fall on the knife in the middle and die, but you’ve gained your life. 

Only one person chose him with his chest, the rest were arguing. One even said, ‘I was an atheist, and I am here; I think that is enough choosing.

It reminds me of the time God was teaching me about olive oil and the lampstand, and he sent me to Revelations 11. And then he dropped the question, do you want to be a lampstand?

And my first exact answer was LOL LOL, but they are going to die sir, a very disgusting death. 

But he showed me that Jesus was a lampstand, and after dying, we came back to him. So I replied YES, my chest. I would be your lampstand. 

God has been teaching me about surrendering to surrender. You surrender first when you accept him to follow him. Then you surrender again and let go of everything. And die of self. If you do not surrender again, you cannot bear much fruit. 

It is like a civilian that signs up to be a soldier. You surrender everything about being a civilian. And then you start as a cadet to learn all the disciplines to make you a soldier. You let go of self, your desires, your interests, your logic, your ambitions and your habits/ways, even the ones that seem right or good. 

And you choose to allow God to imbibe you with his will and desires. You build with him, and you give him the ruling power over you, so you can rest like a baby.

Choose to let go and surrender today.

Love and Light,


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